Crystal Healing

A Crystal Healing is a very powerful form of Spiritual Healing. Using a combination of spiritual healing techniques in conjunction with the crystals brings about an accelerated and very deep healing.

Crystal Healing can be used to help heal us on the Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Level. Crystal healing can help with all sorts of problems whether they be emotional or physical. Healing with the crystals can help eleviate symptomatic problems such as headaches, tiredness, depression, pain and so on, the list is endless.

Physical Effects

Crystals can be used directly on organs, muscles, bones or scars to help them speed up the natural healing process. Crystal healing can be used on any type of illness or disease and in most instances the client will notice a direct improvement in their condition after a few sessions.

Crystal Healing can be used to help treat any physical condition or disease ranging from Arthritis, M.E. to Cancer.

Emotional Balance

Crystals are also very effective for emotional stress, helping to lift negativity and release tension. As emotions are in themselves variations of ‘subtle energy’, they can help be released with the crystal healing in a very gentle way, depression, resentment, grief, emotional trauma or removing negative thought patterns, in fact anything on the emotional level can be treated in a powerful yet non-invasive way.

Crystals are natural energy conductors, they can be used to project and intensify healing energies and also to help absorb and dispel negative energies i.e. dis-ease of the human energy system. They can help greatly accelerate the healing process of the human system.

Please note: in some cases an individual’s energy levels can be too low to receive a crystal healing, in this case it is recommended to receive a reiki healing session initially to then progress onto a crystal healing.


“I’m delighted that my quality of life and personal confidence has greatly improved since having regular sessions with Rebecca.”

Niamh McManus