At Metta Healing I have created a relaxing, peaceful, safe place. Having studied many forms of energetic healing, including Reiki, Crystals, Angelic, Seichem and Rahanni, I use all my experience to assist each client in an individual way. Channelling the energy flows brings the best healing experience possible & simply spending an hour at Metta Healing is relaxing, renewing and gives time for reflection. It is for many a space and time just to be.
– Rebecca Singleton

“A kind, conscientious, highly gifted and intuitive healer with whom its a privilege to embark on a journey of self growth with.”

John Lambert

Client, September 2014


A Reiki healing session can release blocked energy, promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing can be used to help heal us on the Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Level.

Angelic Core Healing

Angelic Core Healing ™ is a unique healing system using various different energy frequencies.